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Easily transform your videos with our intuitive video editor. Mix and match videos from multiple devices.  Add background music and sound effects to enhance your videos. Use effects such as green screen, animations, and overlays including images, video, text, and more!

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Video Editing for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android & Chromebook.

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mix videos

Mix and match media content

With Screencast-O-Matic, you can mix and match content from multiple devices including recordings, videos, screenshots, and images. 

  • Add and edit video from a PC, Mac, Chromebook, or mobile iOS & Android.  
  • Import your own music files or choose from our stock music library.
  • Enhance with overlays including videos for picture-in-picture effect. 
  • Add audio including voice narration, computer audio, and more!

Edit videos with overlays, animations and special effects

Wow your audience with animated video effects. Transform video content and add overlays including text, blurs, shapes and more! 

  • Zoom in and out and highlight specific sections of your video. 
  • Customize animated text with colors and fonts. 
  • Blur out sensitive information or hide areas of your screen.
  • Create a picture-in-picture effect with video overlays.
Easy Video Editing
stock images and videos

Access video editing tools in Free Video Editor Trial

Try all of our editing tools in this 30-day free video editor trial.  With just a few clicks, you edit any video. Experiment with our green screen and add engaging effects.

There’s so much you can do in this easy video maker.  Try our free video editing software for 30 days.

Unlock your creativity with easy video editing tools

add transitions to videos

Choose from dozens of animated transitions.

add text to videos

Overlay text, images, videos, blurs and shapes on videos.

import and mix videos

Import video, audio, and images from multiple devices.

Edit video sound

Add voiceover narration, music and computer audio.

record webcam

Customize your webcam and/or enable green screen.

zoom on video

Zoom in/out and highlight areas of your video.

green screen for video

Remove your background with Green Screen

Add chromakey technology on any video. Replace your background with your own videos and images, or use the Stock Library to unlock your creativity!

  • Add motion or image backgrounds on any green screen video.
  • Layer your webcam video over any background.
  • Interact with your green screen background or presentation.
  • Add professional backgrounds to replace your remote work setting.

Capture, edit and share on Chromebook

The new Chromebook video editor gives you all the options you need to easily enhance your recordings. Cut sections of your video, add a filter, speed up or down, crop, add music, and so much more! Personalize videos with our new set of overlay tools including emojis, blurs, shapes, and frames.

The creative possibilities are endless on the new Chromebook video editor.

stock images and videos

green screen for video

Edit video anywhere with mobile video editing apps 

On-the-go editing with the iPhone/iPad and Android video editor. Polish your videos with overlays, cuts, blurs, and more! 

  • Add a Facecam for instant communication.
  • Set the tone with music tracks from stock library or import your own.
  • Personalize with voiceover narration and add on any section of video.
  • Get creative with overlay stickers including emoticons, frames, and more!

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Video Editor Tutorials For Beginners

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